Riverdance 20 Years DVD

$ 25.00

Riverdance 20 Years DVD was filmed live in the Beijing Exhibition Centre. It showcases the incredible beauty, energy and skill of the dance combined with the captivating rhythms of the music. This recording, the first since 2001, was filmed to the highest specification on RED High Definition cameras giving the quality of 35mm film. Every Riverdance fan will enjoy this superb product with Dolby Digital surround sound. As an additional feature to this DVD there is an extra half hour of material where the audience can get behind the scenes of the making of this DVD including an interview with the director, Declan Lowney. Get to know what life is like for the cast on tour; catch up on all the Riverdance relationships, reflections  from the show's producer Moya Doherty, Composer Bill Whelan and Director John McColgan, plus comments from the Chinese audience and promoters on their views of the show. Principal Dancers: Padraic Moyles and Aislinn Ryan, the Riverdance Irish Dance Troupe, Riverdance Band, Riverdance Singers, Moscow Folk Ballet company. Featuring: Yolanda gonzales Sobrado, Ralph Cato, Kelly isaac, Junior laniyan and Brioni Gallagher. Also featuring Dong Nan, Wu Xiao Fang, Zhang Jian.

Track Listing:
1. Reel Around The Sun (8:42)
2. The Heart's Cry (2:26)
3. The Countess Cathleen/Woman Of The Sidhe (5:43)
4. Caoineadh Cu Chulainn (Lament) (4:10)
5. Shivna (3:39)
6. Firedance (6:03)
7. Slip Into The Spring / The Harvest (5:00)
8. Riverdance (5:44)
9. American Wake (The Nova Scotia Set) (3:08)
10. Lift The Wings (3:00)
11. Heal Their Hearts / Freedom (6:26)
12. Macedonian Morning (2:56)
13. Marta's Dance/The Russian Dervish (6:03)
14. Andalucia
15. Riverdance Reprise (4:32)

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